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Posts related to my thesis: updates on its progression and thoughts I’m wrestling with.


I failed to get ahead and write a post for today when I had the time. That’s okay. Sometimes the less important things (like writing a blog only my parents read regularly — Hi Mom and Dad!) have to fall by the wayside temporarily while the important things take precedence. Priorities and such. Continue reading “Whoops”

It’s a Book Review Miracle

cover of Fuerst bookI wrote a book review! And no, it’s not like the informal ones I did during #bloglikecrazy. This book review was published at Reading Religion, the online book review arm of the American Academy of Religion. Reviewers at this site range from graduate students on up to tenured faculty. My experience publishing a review with them was a first for me in a couple of ways. Continue reading “It’s a Book Review Miracle”

The Idea of History Review

cover of The Idea of HistoryFor the first of my mini book reviews, here are my thoughts on R. G. Collingwood’s The Idea of History, originally published in 1946.

In The Idea of History, which was published posthumously, Collingwood deals with a philosophy of history. The book is divided into an introduction followed by five parts, each part dealing with a different issue in this philosophy. Continue reading “The Idea of History Review”

Getting Creative with Scalar

Getting Creative with Scalar

Personally, I find digital projects (particularly those that are done well) fascinating. So imagine how awesome it is to be in a program that gives you the option to make a digital project for your thesis. Of course, traditional written theses are still allowed in my MA program, but the digital project option is given to encourage the use of the digital skills we’re encouraged to acquire. Continue reading “Getting Creative with Scalar”