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Pushing the Boundary of Acceptability

Pushing the Boundary of Acceptability

While browsing some religious studies oriented blogs for 502, I came across this post from Religion Dispatches. I will be presenting this post in class in a couple of weeks — that’s what Tuesday’s posts are for, remember?

The post, entitled “Status Updates at the End of the World: The Religious Imagination and Our Latest Apocalypse,” tells the story of Jane E. Lythgoe, a doomsday prepper who spreads her message through memes and the like on social media. Continue reading “Pushing the Boundary of Acceptability”

The REL Journal Group: Durkheim and Data Edition

Part of my graduate program involves a monthly journal reading group. The following is an exchange between my advisor Prof. Mike Altman and myself regarding the article I chose. This a repost from the department’s blog.

Mike Altman: Sarah, for our first journal reading group you chose the article “Durkheim with Data: The Databse of Religious History” from a recent issue of JAAR. What’s the gist of the article and why did you think we should read it in our group of MA students and faculty? Continue reading “The REL Journal Group: Durkheim and Data Edition”