Tweeting Behind the Curtain

This past Tuesday was our department’s 5th Annual Day Lecture. Events like this tend to call for heavy Twitter usage among the self-declared cool kids. Using #Day2018, a bunch of us started sharing our thoughts on the lecture and having our own discussion behind our screens while Prof. Siegler explored a handful of Coen Brothers films through the lenses of myth, meaning, and morality. Continue reading


I failed to get ahead and write a post for today when I had the time. That’s okay. Sometimes the less important things (like writing a blog only my parents read regularly — Hi Mom and Dad!) have to fall by the wayside temporarily while the important things take precedence. Priorities and such. Continue reading

Life, Death, Meaning, Reading

baby readingSpeaking of reading and how much of it I’ve been doing lately. The books I’ve read so far this year keep lining up in one way or another. For some, it’s glaringly obvious. The first three books I read were set between 1840 and 1870 and all had to do with a lot of people dying. Others, it was a brief mention here or there of a location that featured in another. Continue reading

It’s a Book Review Miracle

cover of Fuerst bookI wrote a book review! And no, it’s not like the informal ones I did during #bloglikecrazy. This book review was published at Reading Religion, the online book review arm of the American Academy of Religion. Reviewers at this site range from graduate students on up to tenured faculty. My experience publishing a review with them was a first for me in a couple of ways. Continue reading

I’m Back!

I'm back babyAfter a two month hiatus, I’m back! I didn’t die. I didn’t go anywhere. (Okay, I did for Christmas to see family. But that’s not the point here.) I’ve been here. All along trying to figure out what to do now that my month of blogging is over and there’s little motivation to keep it up. Continue reading


The At Matters

For REL 502 (that’s the Public/Digital Humanities foundations class), our final project for the semester involves network and content analysis of the #aarsbl17 and #naasr2017 tweets from the AAR/SBL and NAASR conferences, respectively. These conferences took place back to back the weeks before and of Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Amar Akbar and Who Is Tony?

Amar Akbar and AnthonyYou know how sometimes you’ll search for a movie or tv show on Netflix and it’s not there? I was looking for the 1977 Bollywood film, Amar Akbar Anthony the other day because I wanted to write a post about the construction of Indian identity through the three main characters and their respective faiths/religions. Continue reading