photo of birthday cake

“That’s a Blog Post”

I’m gonna be real honest, blogging every day is hard.

As I’m writing this, it’s my birthday (aka Thursday, happy 24 to me). So instead of some substantial, thought provoking business here are some phrases I’ve heard/noticed around the department lately that made me think and sometimes laugh:

  • That’s a blog post!
  • No rules
  • You should write a blog post about that.
  • Test your ideas.
  • Birthday blogging has to be a thing, right?
  • The aesthetic I aspire to achieve
  • #bloglikecrazy
  • But is yoga religious?*
  • You’re already writing the blog post, aren’t you?
  • Ugh happy bday from your mailman
  • There’s a blog post in there somewhere.
  • Taking it seriously
  • I should write a blog post, shouldn’t I?

*More on this topic coming soon.


Photo credit: Sarah_Ackerman via Flickr. CC BY 2.0.