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Tweeting Behind the Curtain

This past Tuesday was our department’s 5th Annual Day Lecture. Events like this tend to call for heavy Twitter usage among the self-declared cool kids. Using #Day2018, a bunch of us started sharing our thoughts on the lecture and having our own discussion behind our screens while Prof. Siegler explored a handful of Coen Brothers films through the lenses of myth, meaning, and morality. Continue reading


The At Matters

For REL 502 (that’s the Public/Digital Humanities foundations class), our final project for the semester involves network and content analysis of the #aarsbl17 and #naasr2017 tweets from the AAR/SBL and NAASR conferences, respectively. These conferences took place back to back the weeks before and of Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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Capital of the Human

No, not human capital. Capital of the human. Personal branding. Professional identity. Online persona. These phrases have come to denote specific aspects of the individual that are referenced particularly in regards to professional life. It would seem that previous generations only interviewed for jobs during the actual job interview, but now young professionals are continually performing. Continue reading