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Tweeting Behind the Curtain

Tweeting Behind the Curtain

This past Tuesday was our department’s 5th Annual Day Lecture. Events like this tend to call for heavy Twitter usage among the self-declared cool kids. Using #Day2018, a bunch of us started sharing our thoughts on the lecture and having our own discussion behind our screens while Prof. Siegler explored a handful of Coen Brothers films through the lenses of myth, meaning, and morality. Continue reading “Tweeting Behind the Curtain”

The REL Journal Group: Durkheim and Data Edition

Part of my graduate program involves a monthly journal reading group.┬áThe following is an exchange between my advisor Prof. Mike Altman and myself regarding the article I chose. This a repost from the department’s blog.

Mike Altman: Sarah, for our first journal reading group you chose the article “Durkheim with Data: The Databse of Religious History” from a recent issue of JAAR. What’s the gist of the article and why did you think we should read it in our group of MA students and faculty? Continue reading “The REL Journal Group: Durkheim and Data Edition”