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Tweeting Behind the Curtain

This past Tuesday was our department’s 5th Annual Day Lecture. Events like this tend to call for heavy Twitter usage among the self-declared cool kids. Using #Day2018, a bunch of us started sharing our thoughts on the lecture and having our own discussion behind our screens while Prof. Siegler explored a handful of Coen Brothers films through the lenses of myth, meaning, and morality. Continue reading

The REL Journal Group: Durkheim and Data Edition

Part of my graduate program involves a monthly journal reading group.┬áThe following is an exchange between my advisor Prof. Mike Altman and myself regarding the article I chose. This a repost from the department’s blog.

Mike Altman: Sarah, for our first journal reading group you chose the article “Durkheim with Data: The Databse of Religious History” from a recent issue of JAAR. What’s the gist of the article and why did you think we should read it in our group of MA students and faculty? Continue reading