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Posts related to my thesis: updates on its progression and thoughts I’m wrestling with.

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Getting Creative with Scalar

Personally, I find digital projects (particularly those that are done well) fascinating. So imagine how awesome it is to be in a program that gives you the option to make a digital project for your thesis. Of course, traditional written theses are still allowed in my MA program, but the digital project option is given to encourage the use of the digital skills we’re encouraged to acquire. Continue reading

All But a Big Pile of Dirt

A thesis proposal is really hard to write. It feels like you have to have all the answers and like you’re stuck with whatever you write through the end of the project. Even if you know that’s not really how it works, it can feel that way. So yes, writing that proposal was one of the more stressful periods of this semester. But I did the thing.

Yesterday, I did another stressful thing. I successfully defended my thesis proposal.

what like it's hard

Continue reading

Let’s Start at the Beginning

It’s a very good place to start.

I first learned about this memorial well’s existence in Mike Altman‘s Religion in Colonial India course in the fall semester of 2015. In order to get a broad sweeping, contextual history for what we would be talking about in the course, the class read the first few chapters of A Concise History of India by Barbara D. Metcalf and Thomas R. Metcalf. The Cawnpore Massacre and the events surrounding it were briefly touched on in the book. But as the semester went on, I kept coming back to it. Continue reading

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There Is a Well

This statue, placed on top of a bricked over well, became the site of fascination and research for me in the fall semester of 2015. In the following months, I researched and wrote about it. And then researched and wrote about it some more. After a full academic year of sitting with it, I still wasn’t satisfied. Today, two years later, I’m still digging and even more fascinated. Continue reading