Bharat Mata and Her Maps

Speaking of maps, Bharat Mata (Mother India) is often depicted in the shape of India. Or the map of India, as it were. The nationalism in these depictions is glaringly apparent. Depending on the way Bharat Mata is depicted, you can learn a lot about the creator or presenter of the map. Take, for instance, this map in the 1957 film Mother India.  Continue reading

photo of children dressed as pilgrims and Native Americans

“History” in Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you enjoy your turkey (not ham, what’s wrong with you?!), stuffing, cranberry sauce (my favorite), green bean casserole, corn pudding, dinner rolls, and sweet potatoes in your preferred form. Aside from the food, try to not fight with your families. And to kill some time after all that eating, let’s reflect on how the history of Thanksgiving is told in children’s education, with an ounce of egotism because I was an adorable child. Continue reading

In the Time of Trump

A list of phrases that don’t actually mean* anything:

  • In the time of Trump
  • During the Trump era
  • Taking seriously
  • Religious literacy
  • Deeply held religious belief
  • Sacred spaces
  • Culture wars
  • [Inanimate object/concept] working
  • Embodied experience
  • Post-Trump America

*These phrases may often serve as shorthand for a more precise idea. But without a clear definition, interpretation runs amok.

photo of a handshake

Capital of the Human

No, not human capital. Capital of the human. Personal branding. Professional identity. Online persona. These phrases have come to denote specific aspects of the individual that are referenced particularly in regards to professional life. It would seem that previous generations only interviewed for jobs during the actual job interview, but now young professionals are continually performing. Continue reading