Back to the Grind

Well I hope everyone had a good, fulfilling Thanksgiving break. Tomorrow we go back to the grind of work, school, etc. For those of us at Alabama, we have one more week of regular classes followed by the official last week of classes, otherwise known as dead week, and then finals week. Of course, being a graduate student means that we don’t have real finals. So my last day of time commitment will be either December 6 or 7. Then my final paper for 501 is due December 12. I’m planning on staying in town for a while so I can vote in the senate special election. At some point I’ll figure out what my plans are for Christmas and the new year, but for now it’s back to the grind.

Things remaining for me to do this semester: (1) Write my final paper for 501. (2) Do an analysis of the #aarsbl17 and #naasr2017 tweets I collected during those conferences. (3) Present about Roland Barthes’s “Myth Today” in REL 341. (4) Write and submit a blog post to a widely read blog in religious studies. (5) Present two more blog posts in 502. (6) Keep showing up to class. (7) Tie up any loose ends for any of my classes.

Once all of that’s done, I have a date planned with my couch, Netflix, and probably some spiked apple cider. Just gotta keep pushing through.


Photo credit: Faith Goble via Flickr. CC BY 2.0.