All Means to the End

Thesis updates on Fridays. This Friday, I don’t have so much of an update as more of a musing on efficient work. Because of work that needs my more urgent attention to finish out the semester, I won’t properly begin writing my thesis until winter break. But when it comes time to sit down and actually shovel that pile of dirt, I won’t be starting from scratch. Even though I won’t necessarily be writing it this way, the thesis can be divided into chronological parts. I’ve already researched and written about one of those parts — the well at Cawnpore. Of course, I’ll be doing more research for that part and reworking a lot of it. What I’m using it for now is an entirely different project than the original paper.

For my final paper for REL 501, the social theory foundations course, I’ll be writing about the other two chronological parts of my thesis. This is entirely intentional. I know I’ll have better peace of mind going into writing my thesis if I’ve already written about the topics I’ll be investigating. This way, by the time I start writing, I’ll have researched and written about all of it at least once. So when I go back in, I know what I’m looking at and looking for. Good work is efficient work.